Demand the ability to adapt to a changing environment

At Aiiria we know that Cloud Management is much more than a single pane of glass providing an integration layer for organisations consuming cloud from one or many of the major public providers.

We believe the evolution of cloud capability and network capacity will surface a requirement for flexibility and portability between providers, in-house stacks  and hybrid solutions. It does not make sense to manage resources independently or be tied to one vendor when competition and technology is constantly changing.

Our Cloud Management Solutions start with a holistic management layer covering cloud resources, including single billing gateways for billback and showback, as well as monitoring architecture providing the base level view needed.

Our clients demand the ability to adapt to a changing environment to give them the desired technical capability, security and price point their business requires - and its Aiiria mission to make this a reality through CMP.

The barrier to efficiently utilise cloud can be easily overcome, but what about the wider organisational processes that need to be mapped, developed and managed? What about transition of legacy workloads using cloud management at the core?

We work with our clients as needed to embed Cloud Management into their business, service and organisational processes. This approach not only ensures audit and governance, but also facilitates the balance between departmental autonomy and individual control.

Hybrid Cloud

More companies are seeking Hybrid cloud solutions for their technology requirement. In theory this sounds easy and the right thing to do, but companies often find this difficult to fully address and achieve. We start with an application centric strategy which allows you to maintain control over your cloud and application estate and thereby meet security requirements, end-user availability and performance targets across your hybrid environment

Cloud Assurance

We understand the need for true end to end monitoring, particularly when it comes to Cloud and the need to provide relevant accurate service metrics. We therefore offer comprehensive monitoring solutions to deal with everything from standard cloud infrastructure monitoring to synthetic user transaction monitoring

Cloud Management

Whether you need to manage your on-premises private cloud or manage instances within the leading public cloud service providers, Aiiria has a solution which will fit your organisation needs, whether through a dedicated on-premise solution or through one of our SaaS offerings.

Our approach and Cloud Management methodology is multi-sector


Aiiria CMP is proven to enable

Speed to Market

Cloud has streamlined infrastructure provisioning processes via self-service. CMP reduces time to market with its Orchestration Engine, Reusable Roles, High Level UI API, Integrations and more…

Cost Efficiency

CMP ensures that your company has visibility into its infrastructure costs, and that the appropriate business units are held accountable for those. Scalr improves cost effectiveness with Cost Analytics, Lease Management, Automated Tagging and more…


As an enterprise, are you deploying infrastructure across multiple and largely incompatible cloud platforms? CMP facilitates multi-cloud infrastructure with Support for All Major Public and Private Cloud Platforms.

Infrastructure Security

Cloud puts a great deal of control and responsibility in the hands of your staff. CMP enforces infrastructure security with its Governance and Compliance, Network Policy Enforcement, Authentication and Authorisation and On Premises Availability.

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