Control file sharing in and out of your company

Aiiria CloudVault is a cloud offering hosted in the UK & EU offering encrypted file sharing with secure auditable data transfer allowing both in-house users and departments, as well as third party business partners the ability to collaborate when secure transfers are needed.

CloudVault is proven to replace the unauthorised use of widely available public cloud solutions such as Dropbox, where an organisation’s system administrators and infosec teams have little or no control over the data that leaves the network.

CloudVault provides independent access, supports multiple mobile devices and browsers enabling full flexibility on how an end user can access or store the data.

CloudVault can be applied to many use cases; across many sectors from our PaaS offering but can also be implemented as a dedicated solution within a customer's own data centre where additional security controls and measures are requirement.

Enable audit and encryption at each level

CloudVault - ensure that nothing gets out of your network without knowing about it

✅   Enable flexibility across all your apps
✅   Empower your people to work together from anywhere
✅   Keep data protected at all times
✅   Enable a flexible technology platform that can meet changing business needs
✅   Reduce corporate risk and know exactly where your data is

Enterprise pricing from only £2.60 per user month

Industry Leading Features

✅   Triple-Crypt™ Technology

✅   Encrypted file exchange for business critical documents

✅   Share data using published URLs

✅   Admin and end-user portals

✅   Time based access restrictions

✅   End to end audit of all transactions

✅   Browser access, Microsoft Outlook plugins and smartphone apps

✅   Eliminate security gaps

Discover CloudVault and secure your data

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