Business collaboration has never been easier

Cloud SharePoint
£ 1 .70
per month
Cloud SharePoint
Unlimited sites
500Mb SharePoint storage
Outlook Integration

Aiiria's Cloud based managed SharePoint makes it easier for the people in your business to work together. They can share information, manage projects and collaborate on documents online utilising cloud technology, making Hosted SharePoint an essential platform in today's smart business.

Our SharePoint offering lets you to leave the overhead of platform administration, the challenges of security, and the uncertainty of upgrading and patching behind.

We know SharePoint can be difficult and organisations often prioritise elsewhere once an implementation is live, so we are also able to offer a lifecycle service to not only manage your platform but also administer your business process. Our managed SharePoint service gives you the confidence of having a complete end to end solution with our SharePoint specialists developing and supporting the right platform for your business.

With Aiiria's Hosted Microsoft SharePoint it's easy to see the benefits

✅ Reduced direct IT infrastructure and management costs

✅ No platform upgrades or break fix by you

✅ Access files and documents from any location

✅ Version control of documents eliminating risk of using old versions

✅ Hosted in multiple UK data centres

✅ Instant scalability to add or remove accounts as you need

✅ Simplified file sharing with clients and partners

✅ Full flexibility by just hosting your business implementation

✅ Update multi-tasked files easily

✅ Reduces email traffic