Sector specific solutions, architected correctly

Our principles of developing cloud solutions in a standardised, repeatable model means that we are not restricted to any particular market sector.

Where market sector challenges exist, such as security in the finance and the public sector, or agility in media, we architect the right cost effective solution with the appropriate governance and audit mechanisms to make cloud adoption as easy as possible.

This means that our cloud services and solutions can be consumed from the smallest start-ups to the largest enterprise organisations, ultimately leading to increased end-user satisfaction.


Start Up

We understand the challenges start-up's face when assessing the technology landscape and the time constraints they face when materialising their efforts. We are experts at helping start-up companies choose and consume the right technologies and utilise enterprise class cloud solutions, many of which are out of reach if traditionally delivered. Our 'Company as a Service' (CaaS) offering provides the agility and reliability required enabling entrepreneurs to focus their efforts on growth.


Public Sector

We provide a number of public sector organisations assistance in adopting the correct Cloud technology. Whether this is one of Aiiria's innovative cloud solutions available on the UK Digital Marketplace, or helping address the ‘Digital by Default’ agenda, our team provides thought-leadership and valuable insight into how the public sector can best utilise various aspects of the cloud. We factor in key architectural principles without compromising on the end to end security requirements and core building blocks of the organisation


Private Sector

We work across Private Sector, helping our clients navigate the rapidly changing cloud landscape as it evolves. Our focus is to streamline the adoption, implementation and operation of cloud without compromising on core business concerns of cost, security and flexibility. Our in-depth knowledge of cloud products and relationships with key strategic suppliers ensures that a tailored solution is delivered, enabling organisations to focus on their core business.



We appreciate the complexity of the rapidly changing media industry and the requirement of organisations to align new solutions not just into legacy systems, but also existing processes. We ensure that solutions we create deliver the key requirements for media organisations through adaptation and integration.

Enterprise IT

Enterprise IT is changing. As a discipline, computing has become such a massive area with a huge variety of specialisms and areas of expertise. Because of this, it’s no longer financially viable for many IT departments to employ everyone they need to keep their systems running efficiently. The shift back to multi-skilled teams with cohesive working is now something the majority of organisations are wanting to implement again.

Financial Services

To enable you to remain competitive in this swiftly changing market, you know that not all the answers sit in-house. You need an ecosystem of established technology partners to develop solutions that are best for you. Aiiria helps you shape the competitive edge you need to thrive in the hyper-connected financial services world.


The world has changed into one where everyone and everything is interlinked, and entwined with technology. Retailers must have a digital approach, adapt and evolve to meet the demands of this new connected world to keep pace with rising customer expectation and demand. We base our solutions on the demand of the Retail & Hospitality business. This can be seen by our 3 focus areas for all our solutions; growing your business, increasing efficiencies and improving customer experience.


SME’s present probably the biggest technology challenge. Typical firms in this space have big aspirations, complex requirements and limited technology budget but also need to ensure that important elements such as security and scalability is factored in. Internal IT teams are regularly under-resourced and lack specialist skills to deliver large-scale infrastructure or desktop projects but can offer a wealth of expertise in user support and keep operations running efficiently.