Standardised cloud solutions designed for your company

PaaS mainpage 080116PaaS is often over complicated during implementation as the scope of what the end user needs seems to vary from one solution to the next. The growing emphasis for customer-friendly services driven by the aspiration of higher levels of availability, customer care and support often fails due to the typical adoption issues faced with the majority of technology journeys.

At Aiiria we understand this and have a number of simplified and standardised PaaS solutions for your organisation to utilise. As your Cloud Service Broker we work with you and ensure that the end to end Service and any associated transformation project is scoped and delivered to the highest standards, regardless of where the workload is driven from.

We offer the following enterprise grade PaaS solutions:

✅   Managed Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

✅   Fully Managed Operating systems for Microsoft and Redhat

✅   Unified Communications and Cloud Telephony

✅   Database as a Service (DBaaS)

✅   Fully Encrypted Secure File Storage

✅   Managed Cloud Backup

✅   Disaster Recovery in the Cloud (DRaaS)