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Security is always a concern for any organisation, requiring consistent protection against threats. The advent of cloud with its distributed architecture has made security ever more prevalent in both the public and private cloud space.

At Aiiria we understand that the one of the fundamental hurdles to cloud adoption is ensuring data security and compliance requirements are maintained. Over the past few years analysts at Gartner have cited security as the number one reason for organisations failing to adopt the cloud.

We architect and manage cloud solutions with 3 core security principles in mind.

Correctly designed cloud security gives you...

Security for the cloud

Security for the cloud

Security in the cloud

Security in the cloud

Security from the cloud

Security from the cloud

Optimised security operations

Aiiria helps you adopt the cloud with confidence, using expert security services to assess your maturity and optimise existing practices.

Our approach is proactive, highly skilled analysts keep you ahead of the latest threats, monitor your cloud environment to detect and act upon intrusions and risks with speed.

✅ Cloud Security Managed Services
✅ Security Intelligence
✅ Operations Consulting
✅ Real-time Threat Assessment

Protect your data

We help defend your applications and infrastructure from attacks aimed at stealing sensitive and business critical information.

Aiiria's cloud-optimised security controls help identify vulnerabilities in cloud applications, monitor data access to cloud repositories, and block threats on cloud networks.

✅ Cloud Policy Management via Aiiria CMP
✅ Cloud Data Activity Monitoring
✅ Cloud Application Security
✅ Cloud Network Protection

Gain visibility of your cloud security

Using our suite of cloud specialised native applications including our cloud management platform, Aiiria can help you monitor the cloud for policy and security breaches so you can react quickly and effectively to real-time threats.

Regardless of whether you choose to utilise one of our cloud solutions or are after a managed suite of cloud security services, policy management or Internet filtering, we ensure that nothing can get in or out of your cloud unless it is allowed to.

Can you answer yes to all the questions below?

✅ End to end security for your users and devices
✅ Know where your data really is and where it should be with GDRP in mind
✅ Audit accurately at every layer of your architecture
✅ Stay protected at all times across all end-points
✅ Adopt cloud solutions more readily and securely

If the answer is no, then contact our cloud security specialists

Don't let basic security issues stop your business becoming more agile and flexible.

A good security practice and implementation has always been critical, but even moreso now with cloud and digital strategies.  

A secure cloud & digital ecosystem is not as complex as you may think, nor out of reach for your business and its end-users.

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