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Our delivery methodology accelerates time to value of new innovations and process improvements using cloud solutions. We work with our clients, firstly starting with a cloud enabled IT strategy and enterprise architecture driven by business outcomes. We are then in a position to make informed decisions on what can migrate to the cloud, developed in the cloud, and what would need to remain on premise.

With our approach our team blend IaaS and PaaS solutions to deliver end to end cloud from both an architectural and service perspective, ultimately leading to environments, applications that are cheaper, faster, better and provide greater levels of security and performance for your end-users and organisation.


Cloud Simplification

Our methodology simplifies implementation, management and monitoring is consolidated into a one-stop shop for cloud service delivery and because its cloud the flexibility to migrate platforms as your business changes is always there.

Service Brokering

Aiiria breaks down the barriers to cloud services adoption by facilitating a platform that can span many different providers’ services, allowing for best fit selection criteria at the best price point.

Digital Transformation

No matter whether you have just started or are far into your cloud journey, Aiiria’s Transformational Services provide expert assistance with assessing, building, operating and running your cloud environment

Hybrid Cloud

More companies are seeking Hybrid cloud solutions for their technology requirement. In theory this sounds easy and the right thing to do, but companies often find this difficult to fully address and achieve. We start with an application centric strategy which allows you to maintain control over your cloud and application estate and thereby meet security requirements, end-user availability and performance targets across your hybrid environment

Cloud Assurance

We understand the need for true end to end monitoring, particularly when it comes to Cloud and the need to provide relevant accurate service metrics. We therefore offer comprehensive monitoring solutions to deal with everything from standard cloud infrastructure monitoring to synthetic user transaction monitoring

Cloud Management

Whether you need to manage your on-premises private cloud or manage instances within the leading public cloud service providers, Aiiria has a solution which will fit your organisation needs, whether through a dedicated on-premise solution or through one of our SaaS offerings.

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