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Cloud adoption should be easy; however for most organisations it proves to be a painfully, slow and costly experience leading to prolonged on-boarding time-frames, uncontrolled costs, cloud sprawl and ultimately poor end-user experience.

In the majority of cases, this is down to poor upfront analysis with an initial 'lift and shift' model, coupled with unrealistic business proposal which fail to deliver the end to end solution. Failed cloud transformation projects lead to both business stakeholders and core decision makers to become 'anti-cloud' and apprehensive about adoption.

At Aiiria we work with closely with our clients, firstly starting with a cloud enabled IT strategy and enterprise architecture driven by business outcomes. Only then are we in a position to make informed decisions on what can migrate to the cloud, developed in the cloud, and what would need to remain on premise.

Aiiria's transformation methodology accelerates time to value of new innovations and process improvements using cloud solutions. Our cloud experts plan, design, develop, implement, integrate, and drive cloud adoption by working in partnership with the ultimate aim of ensuring that utilising the cloud is seen as a success by the end-user.

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